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Long-Lasting Masonry Repairs in West Orange, NJ

Brick features are beautiful and durable, but they can be damaged. Don’t let flawed masonry reduce your property’s value, appearance, and safety. Hire the team at RJM Welding Fabricators LLC to restore your brick features. In addition to our welding repair services, we’re also proud to offer professional masonry repairs in West Orange, NJ. 

Our solutions blend seamlessly with the rest of your property and are designed to last as long as possible. Contact us today to explore the repair possibilities for your home or business and get an estimate.

Building Solutions for Any Problem

No problem is too challenging for our masonry services. We have the resources necessary to fix everything from cracked steps to crumbling walls and much more. If we cannot fix your issue for some reason or it would be too cost-prohibitive for repairs to be worthwhile, we can replace the feature with new masonry construction.


Our experience allows you to save time and money while restoring your property brick by brick. Count on us to find the most efficient approach for your particular repair needs. Likewise, we’re available around the clock to accommodate your schedule. Reach out to our masonry contractors today to get your project underway.